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6th June 2018 - Introducing search auto suggest
When you search for a font on ufonts, you will now see suggestions based on the letters you have typed. This is a feature we have been wanting to implement for a while and here it is. Check it out.

30th May 2018 - 21,668 New fonts added
You read that right! 21,668 new fonts. Click here for the complete list. The majority of the new fonts were uploaded by regular users like you. Have you got fonts that are missing from ufonts? Click here to upload them. Now go have some creative fun.

Birthday Cake Icon7th October 2017 - Happy 10th Birthday
The best free fonts downloads website is 10 years old today. It has been a great journey, one that we hope will continue. Thank you to all our users and contributers, without you this site would not be possible.

19th July 2017 - July's Hottest fonts
The most downloaded fonts this month are News Gothic MT Bold, Arnold Boecklin, Century Gothic, Gill Sans, GE Inspira, Legothick and Imperial Italic.

3rd June 2017 - Save the planet one print at a time
The next time you print a document, use the Century Gothic font. It can save you approximately 30% on your ink costs compared to using Arial fonts. Save ink save the planet

2nd June 2017 - has a new design
Say hello to the new look The new look site is responsive so it looks good on all devices. We hope you like it. If not click here to go back to the old layout.

22nd May 2017 - This months Top 10 fonts
Here is this months Top 10 font downloads. Akbar Plain aka The Simpsons font. Alex Brush, Avant G Bold, Britannic Bold, Broadway, Cambria, Compacta Black, Gabriola. The Facebook font Klavika Bold and Vivaldi.

27th April 2017 - 2017 Top 25 fonts
The top 25 fonts downloaded from ufonts in 2017 are GillSans and GillSans Light. Century Gothic and Century Gothic Bold. The following Gotham fonts Gotham Book, Gotham Bold, Gotham Black, Gotham Medium, Gotham Ultra and Gotham Light. These fonts from the Futura collection Futura Book, Futura Medium, Futura Condensed ExtraBold, Futura Bold BT and Futura T Light. Finally Tw Cen MT, American Typewriter, Didot, LasVegas Jackpot,Gabriola, French Script MT, Swis721 BT Roman, Friz Quadrata TT, Lucida Grande and Old English Text MT.

23rd January 2017 - HTTPS Support now fully supports HTTPS. So update your bookmarks and enjoy secure ufonts browsing.

15th October 2015 - Are you Looking for Hallowe'en fonts?
 Download free Hallowe'en fonts, from the Hallowe'en Fonts Collection. From everybody at the ufonts team, Happy Hallowe'en.

15th March 2015 - Are you Looking for Easter or St Patrick's Day fonts?
Whatever you need these for for, all our Easter themed fonts can be found in our Easter Fonts Collection and all the St Patrick's Day fonts can be found in the St Patrick's Day collection.

5th December 2014 - Looking for festive Christmas fonts?
Whether it's fonts for personalised greetings cards, or festive fonts for anything else. All our Christmas themed fonts can be found in our Christmas Font showcase. Finally from all the team here at µfonts we wish all our users a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

19th July 2014 - 28,968 fonts added today...
...and they are all in OpenType Format. For the full list click here. Embeddable .woff versions have also been added, for your convenience, enjoy happy µfonters.

18th July 2014 - Web Open Font Format downloads now available
Downloadable fonts are now available as .woff files, (Web Open Font Format). This file type allows you to embed web fonts in your web pages.

18th April 2013 - Registration restored
That's right the ufonts team have today restored ufonts account registrations. A ufonts account get you speedier downloads (no captchas) and more, be sure to register today.

13th January 2013 - Download changes
Today the ufonts team have made a slight adjustment to the download process, this is for those die hards who only want the TTF file. The download process is much clearer and simpler to understand.

18th April 2013 - Registration restored
That's right the ufonts team have today restored ufonts account registrations. A ufonts account get you speedier downloads (no captchas) and more, be sure to register today.

13th January 2013 - Download changes
Today the ufonts team have made a slight adjustment to the download process, this is for those die hards who only want the TTF file. The download process is much clearer and simpler to understand.

12th November 2012 - Short(er) URL Links
This is for all those highly appreciated ufonts patrons who like to share hyperlinks to ufonts. Firstly may I say thanks for all the support and secondly ufonts proudly announces a great new feature. Short(er) URL links! Find them on all the font pages under the Share Heading. Happy sharing.

3rd November 2012 - Got a font ufonts hasn't ?
Now ufonts has an upload tool, so you can upload your fonts and share them with other ufonts users. All fonts are reviewed prior to being added to the ufonts index.

28th June 2012 - Like free online flash games?
ufonts has just launched the ufonts Arcade. Play thousands of free online games. No downloading, just click and play.

18th May 2012 - Midi files added
In addition to the free fonts and clipart images, ufonts now has a midi archive with over 50,000 MIDI files, ready to download in .mid format.

25th January 2012 - .eot fonts added
After numerous requests, most fonts now have an .eot file available to download in addition to the standard truetype (.ttf) file format. This file format is generally used to embed web fonts into the Internet Explorer browser.

17th January 2012 - More fonts added
Many more fonts have been added today. In fact so many news fonts have been added, its probably easier to list the fonts not added! Yesterday the total count was 13,793. Now that total is 130,737. Thats an increase of over 845%. There are some other improvements too, more fonts are displayed per page, captcha codes are shorter, file downloads are in .ttf format by default and the search function has been improved. Enjoy font lovers :-)

9th January 2012 - Happy New Year! - Registration Restored
After a brief suspension the registration system has been restored, all existing accounts will continue to work as normal, but new registrations are now accepted. Also there is a very large influx of fonts about to added to ufonts in the coming weeks, and when we say large we mean very, very large. Watch this space!

2nd November 2011 - Have your say! - (not just advertising complaints though)
As a trial have introduced a new feedback feature, which we hope our audience will use to let us have their feedback. Comment, Complaint, Suggestion or Compliment, would love to hear them.

Please note many initial comments critise the use of advertising on this website, I do understand the dislike of adverts, but simply put it pays the huge monthly bills! It costs several $100 a month to run a site as large as this. I'd like feedback to gauge the level of interest in an ad free subscription only version of this site.

26th September 2011 - New Servers, New Provider
For over 4 years has been running from an almost antique server. I decided that it might be time to replace it with something a little more powerful. I've also had the new servers colocated at an ISP, previously I had ran the server from a high speed connection from home. Hope you enjoy the newer faster ufonts.

24th April 2011 - Zip File & TTF File Downloads
After several emails requesting raw ttf file downloads, I have added both zip file and ttf file downloads. If you have registered and are logged in you'll see both download options. Those using the CAPTCHAs to download also get both links, but the default download type is zip.

23rd April 2011 - Speeeeed!
I have performed a few little caching and rendering tweaks which should hopefully speed up slow loading times.

1st December 2009 - Zip file downloads
All the truetype fonts available on µ will now be available as .zip files. Previously each font was downloaded as a .ttf file. You will need appropriate software to unzip the new downloads.

2nd November 2009 - No more captcha images (if you register)
Further to some feedback from our users, µ now has an account system. You don't need an account to download fonts from µ But you can Register to get direct download links!!. You won't need enter those annoying security images each time you download a font. Very handy if you download lots of fonts.

1st November 2009 - A few changes today
All the µfonts preview images have been regenerated as GIF files, instead of the original JPEG images that were in use. The result is smaller filesizes, faster loading and sharper font preview images. The downloads have also been given a slight tweak, they now start automatically when you click the download link. I have also added some extra pages of fonts, and made some minor search tweaks.

15th March 2009 - Downloads Fixed
All the µfonts download links have been fixed. Please try again if you were unable to download a font previously.

4th February 2009 - New search system
µfonts now has a much more useful search system than the old 'google' search option.

12th October 2008 - New layout & Custom Text Preview
Welcome to the new look µfonts. The old design was looking tired so a little makeover has brightened things up. Also on the details page for each font you will see a custom text preview tool, so you can preview the font with your own text.